January 2004

Inception of Food Service Business

The founders started delivering food and restaurant supplies to Asian restaurants based on years of experience and connections in the grocery industry.

August 2012

Focus on Packaging

As the business grew, we found the company's competitiveness in food packaging supplies. Restaurant customers praised the quality and affordability of GBC takeout containers.

June 2014

Investment and Strategic Partnership

GBC invested in four manufacturers to purchase new equipment and increase supply chain efficiency. Long-term contracts were signed among other strategic partners.

April 2016 and Beyond

Serving Distributors

After years of expansion, GBC repositioned itself as the factory store for packaging supplies. We are now proudly serving over 50 distributors across Canada with our wide selection of products.

Our BPI Certified Products


The BPI Certification Mark indicates third-party verification of compostability. BPI is the only third-party verification of ASTM standards for compostable products in North America.

BPI Website & Certified Product List


Our sugarcane products are BPI certified.(Dynasco and Ecomates brand). Call us, visit us, or email us for your compostable needs. If you are a restaurant, check with your local distributors for our products.

Sugarcane Tableware


Premium containers to serve your green customers.

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We offer recyclable plastic material such as clear and white-colored PET and PP.

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Robust Supply Chain

Quality control team at factories, sales and fulfillment team at local warehouses.

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Custom Packaging

Customized size, shape, material, and private label made easy!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide packaging products with both premium quality and the most competitive pricing to our local business partners including wholesalers and distributors. Bringing 15+ years of food service industry knowledge, product design and sales expertise, we are ready to bring your business to the next level.

Our Team

Our team consists of veterans from the foodservice industry and experts in sales, operations, and finance.

Our Office

3610 Mavis Road
Mississauga, ON L5C 1W2

Mon - Fri, 9am - 7pm
Sat, Online and Phone Support

Our Strengths

GBC is confidently offering premium products and services through a strong team of quality control experts at factories and operation professionals at local warehouses.


We were able to recoup some losses from food item sales during the pandemic, thanks to GBC's high quality takeout containers. Their products gave us price advantage to stay competitive in the marketplace. - Toronto Food Service Company


GBC's is saving me at least 10% on takeout containers without compromising quality. - Restaurant Supply Wholesaler


Our customers really liked the user-oriented features of GBC products. The microwavable containers are very easy to pick up, strong, and premium looking. - Ontario Food Service Company


The Montreal food service sector is highly competitive because over 60% restaurants (our target customers) are independent operators. We are fortunate to have GBC as our supplier and offer one of the best prices in town. - Quebec Food Service Company


GBC is the one-stop shop for all my takeout packaging needs: microwavable containers, compostable containers, paper bags, kraft boxes, portion cups, drinking cups, cutlery, etc., almost EVERYTHING my customers need. - Toronto Food Distributor

Find Our Factories and Partners in Your Area

Find Our Factories and Partners in Your Area
Find Our Factories and Partners in Your Area
Find Our Factories and Partners in Your Area
Find Our Factories and Partners in Your Area
Find Our Factories and Partners in Your Area
Find Our Factories and Partners in Your Area