Price Volatility

Due to recent turmoil on the ocean, our price is subject to change on a weekly basis (please check with our sales team for updated pricing).

Our price is affected by a number of factors such as raw material, exchange rate, and ocean freight. With the price increase in raw material (crude oil, wood pulp, and starch), weakening US dollar, shortage of shipping containers, we are experiencing significant cost fluctuations and thereby being forced to make temporary price adjustment.

Explanation on Ocean Freight Charge

Due to the shortage of shipping containers and increased operation cost, spot price per container from China to U.S./Canada east coast has increased 500% (in August 2021) from a year ago. "Container shipping rates from China to the United States have scaled fresh highs above $20,000 per 40-foot box as rising retailer orders ahead of the peak U.S. shopping season add strain to global supply chains", according to Yahoo Finance (