The 2020 Canadian Food Trends and Sustainability Options

The 2020 Canadian Food Trends and Sustainability Options

DoorDash has unveiled the 2020 Food Trend Report based on its ordering data from Jan. 1 to Oct. 31, 2020 and a national survey.

According to Canadian Pizza Magazine, 73 per cent of Canadians have ordered more takeout food this year to support their beloved restaurants, while 66 per cent have set the goal to eat healthier in 2021.

Below are the Top Food Trend of 2020 in Canada:

Top 10 Foods in 2020
Butter chicken
Chicken Tenders/Nuggets
Onion Rings
Miso Soup
Chicken Lettuce Wraps
California Roll
Tuna Poke Bowl

Top 10 Foods with Rising Popularity in 2020
Mozzarella Sticks – 1700% increase
Hot Wings – 1440% increase
Hash Browns – 1130% increase
Quesadilla – 850% increase
Molten Chocolate Cake – 580% increase
Onion Rings – 400% increase
Nachos – 350% increase
Gyoza – 310% increase
Apple Pie – 265% increase
Dynamite Roll – 230% increase

Top Cuisine Picks in 2020

Canadians are eating healthier in 2020, but what about their food packaging choices? Are our takeout containers "healthy" to the environment?

According to studies conducted by Dr. Simon Somogyi from University of Guelph, major quick-service brands such as McDonald's and A&W have increased the use of biodegradable packaging materials to support their corporate sustainability initiatives.

Using recyclable or compostable takeout containers has become not only a sustainability initiative but a differentiation point for restaurants under the takeout-driven market condition.

Many restaurants still use Styrofoam for takeout orders due to the relatively low cost. Yes, styrofoam containers are recyclable, but very difficult to recycle. As stated by Recycle BC, "Foam can only be recycled at a recycling depot. Even if you’ve emptied and rinsed the container so it looks brand new, please do not put it in your home recycling bins. Foam breaks and crumbles easily, and is difficult to separate from other recyclables."

Contrastingly, PP-based microwavable container offers premium look, easy-to-clean, reuse, and recycle features. Bagasse and paper-based containers are even better; they can be thrown into the green bin without cleaning.

At GBC, we are continuously improving our product lines to meet your reusable, recyclable, and compostable packaging needs.



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